My name is Sophie. For the last 10 years I have been building networks and collaborations across disciplines. I am looking for new ideas and talent with a creative approach to technology. I run DART, a testing lab bringing Design, Art, Research and Technology together to build clever
human-machine interfaces: www.dartlabs.io


Next is now. The only way we can stay ahead and create a future we all want to live in is by working together across industries and disciplines. Targeted thinkers should combine forces with divergent thinkers – those who experiment in the wide open space, who professionally wander, who are comfortable being uncomfortable.


Interactive technologies are leading the growth of the creative economy.  A new type of incubator dedicated to interdisciplinary approaches was needed. Arijana Walcott and I founded DART,  a testing lab bringing Design, Art, Research and Technology together to build clever human-machine interfaces.


Mindmaze, is a MedTech startup combining EEG, virtual environment and machine learning for neuro-rehabilitation. I developed a strategic positioning at a consumer oriented conference. The potential for the entertainment market attracted major investors. Mindmaze has a pre-money valuation of $1 billion.


Artanim created a location-based VR technology in combination with motion capturing. I helped position Artanim in the US to build valuable partnerships. This lead to the creation of Dreamscape Immersive with a flagship VR Multiplex in LA backed by Warner Bros., AMC and key people like Steven Spielberg, Yves Behar and Hans Zimmer.


2013, I featured Faceshift’s motion capture technology for the first time in a US exhibition at swissnex San Francisco through an artistic work. Media design students, today spatial story studio Apelab, demonstrated the technology in a compelling way. Apple acquired the startup in 2015. Today we see their dynamic emoji technology on all Iphone X .

Switzerland at Pier 17

Switzerland is testing a new form of diplomacy in San Francisco by bringing government entities with universities, startups, corporations and artists under one roof. As swissnex's Associate director I played a key role in transforming the historic Pier into an interdisciplinary hub, developed new Swiss and US partnerships and helped leading the team into this experiment.

Bot Like Me

I co-created the ‘Bot Like Me’ symposium to bring together designers, engineers, researchers and artists to discuss the growing intimacy we have with algorithms and smart machines. The exhibition by !Mediengruppe Bitnik and the symposium toured from the Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris to swissnex San Francisco and the EPFL ArtLab in Lausanne.


Scout new ideas and talent


 Bring bright minds together to co-create


Explore and grow new potentials


Build interdisciplinary partnerships

Press, Speaking and Writing

me Convention : “museums at the cutting edge: the gallery as incubator”
Ars Electronica Jury: “Designing our future can’t be left up individuals”
SXSW: How to incubate creativity
World VRForum: The VR incubator in Silicon Valley
Nextrends: Please enter the Antidisciplinary Space
Lift Conference: Enter the Antidisciplinary Space Session
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